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Elastic Straps for Treatments for Rehabilitation May Help to Reduce the Costs of Treatment for Disease Neurological

Winter Figueiredo* and Fernando Adami

ABC School Medicine, Santo André, Brazil

*Corresponding Author:
Winter Figueiredo, Ph.D
Faculty of Medicine of ABC Santo André, São Paulo, Brazil
Tel: +55(11)951081810
E-mail: [email protected]

Received date: May 03, 2016; Accepted date: May 30, 2016; Published date: June 05, 2016

Citation: Figueiredo W, Adami F. Elastic Straps for Treatments for Rehabilitation May Help to Reduce the Costs of Treatment for Disease Neurological. J Healthc Commun. 2016, 1:3. DOI: 10.4172/2472-1654.100020

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Diseases that affect the Central Nervous System, can cause temporary lesions and/or permanent and high morbidity. These changes, when irreversible, can lead individuals to significant functional incapacities. The motor performance changed negatively influences the execution of activities of daily life, their productivity and the reintegration of the individual to the social environment.

These conditions require multidisciplinary treatment that most of the times has high cost, warning of the need for new treatments which reduce these costs and be able to improve the lives of these people.

In the last decade the exposure of the use of elastic straps by media has generated a tendency to researchers regarding the use during the rehabilitation, mainly in the sports area. The application practicality, low cost and effects observed in athletes drew attention to possible use during the neurological rehabilitation. Thus, it is possible that the association of ducts was diagnosed with tapes can improve the quality of life of individuals and reduce costs with treatment.

However, despite the use of elastic straps as adjunctive treatment for neurological diseases has grown in the clinical part, there is lack of evidence to show its effectiveness.

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