Use of Social Media for Health Information and Associated Factors among Students in Debrebirhan University

Contextsocial media applications allow peoples to communicate their information and thoughts over the internet rather than face-to-face, postal, journals, radio, television, magazine or newspapers Different informations like loves, entertainment, political, social, business, insights could be shared between individuals In some countries, the use of social media for health information communication was assessed among university’s students yet in Ethiopia


The study aimed at determining the use of social media for health information and associated factors among university students. Design An institution-based cross sectional study was done in March 2019 SettingDebreberhan University. Participants 845 undergraduate students was selected using simple random sampling technique.Main outcome measures the use of social media applications for health information communication

Results from 845 study participants, 444 (52 5%) have used different social Media for different reasons The most preferred social media applications were Face book (82 4%), and mostly visited information was related to exercise (47 7%) Respondents’ mothers educational status ( AOR = 4 66, 95% CI:[1 96,11 08],spent 240 minutes on social media network per day (AOR= 6 78, 95% CI: [1 65, 27 82]), daily users of social media (AOR= 1 79, 95% CI: [1 07, 3 02]), health profession students (AOR= 2 59, 95% CI: [1 45, 4 63]), and students who have good internet use skill (AOR= 2 94, 95% CI: [1 22, 7 09]) were significantly factors.

Keywords: Social media utilization, Health information, Students, Ethiopia


The use of social media applications for health information communication was good Spent more time on social media, being daily users, being health students and having good internet browsing skill were significantly associated factors


Daniel Alayu Shewaye1 , Miftah Abdella Beshir2 , Sara Beyene Mengesha2*

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