They are too Young for that...they may Go Haywire: Stakeholders Expressionof Boomerang on Contraceptives Communication Campaign TargetingAdolescents in Ibadan, South-western Nigeria

Stakeholder’s objections and resistance to adolescent sexual and reproductive health (ASRH) communication campaign and interventions has been for decades. Generally, the point of divergent among stakeholders and intervention partners varies from community to community depending on their socio-cultural and religious systems. Messages to adolescents about abortion, contraceptives, age of sexual intercourse debut have continued to create controversies. All these are documented in extant literature globally. underpinned by the boomerang effect theory, this study adopted in-depth interview to investigate the attitude and perception of teachers and parents as well as factors that the effectiveness of contraceptives messages targeted at in- school adolescents in a local government in Ibadan, Nigeria. It was discovered that parents and teachers believed that ASRH messages to in-school adolescents were beneficial and helpful and they were ready to serve as behaviour change agents in that regard.


Kamoru Aremu Salaudeen

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