The Use of Social Media in The Patient-Doctor Relationship: Case Study on Iraq

Many highly regarded medical Doctors have developed guidelines to help themselves professionally when connecting their patients through social media sites. However, many still use these platforms for marketing rather than disseminating appropriate medical information.

1.1.2 Method: we were distributed to a sample of medical Doctors in Iraq while analyzing their motives from their response. Further, follow-up interviews were organized at each of the eight total medical locations in Iraq, where the Doctor was interviewed to gain additional data. Despite the ability to use social media to enhance relationships and improve marketing, this survey study identified high overall social media usage among Doctors in Iraq (79% of male and 21% of female Doctors). Listed specialties were as follows: 8% dentists, 10% internists, 20% general surgeons, 12% urologists, 4% cancer Doctor, 9% obgyns, 4% family specialists, 9% pediatricians, 5% dermatologists, 2% ophthalmologists, 3% rheumatologists, and smaller percentages of anesthesiologists, radiologists, and orthopedists. Further details on years of experience. In this regard, the Doctor, with less experience, was more likely to use social media.


Haitham Numan

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