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The Future of Records in Anesthesia: Development of an Anesthesia Data Warehouse

The Healthcare system is one of the most complex activity sectors, essentially due to the different kind of concepts, processes, definitions, professionals and patients. Nowadays, information plays an increasingly role in the delivery of modern health care and efficiency of health systems. In this way, computer technology can be used to improve patient safety, the quality of care provided, and workload efficiency. In clinical anesthesia practice, appropriate application of informatics promotes data standardization and integrity, and supports clinical decision-making. In order to achieve these goals, many concepts like interoperability, usability and data access should be considered when Anesthesia Information Management Systems are concerned. This article describes current issues in anesthesia information management and suggests an Electronic Process Method of Extract-Transform- Load to upgrade these systems. A list of indicators was constructed recurring to PowerBI with the objective of a better information visualization.


Jose Manuel Machado

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