Next generation 5G Wireless Technologies in Healthcare

With vastly developing technology regime, healthcare sector is witnessing next generation upgrades that are showing a lot of promises with impetus on assistance to healthcare infrastructure. Coincidently telecommunication advancements like 5G will emphatically revolutionse the due course in this domain with super low latency and highly precise information transfer. With IoT devices available to retrieve personal medical data (MIoT) the paradigm shift towards personalised medicine is leveling itself. This paper in detail covers each aspect of 5G technology and how it could act as a pathbreaker in recovering from present challenges in healthcare. Critical evaluation of present applications is also being made to contrast the past practices with hypothesised futuristic advantages. Quantitative data transfer at broad scale is a next generation requirement to facilitate efficient transfer of information and healthcare sector pan globe with integrated and well devised policies could be the real beholder of these beneficiaries.


Yasha Hasija1*, Apoorva Gupta1

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