Evaluating Information Quality of Corona Virus News on Iranian Health Websites

Background: Since websites are the first and most important source of information for the public, a comprehensive evaluation of the news and information content that they provide to the public is essential. This study aims to evaluate information quality of coronavirus news on Iranian health websites.

Results: Evaluating 19 components in each website showed that COVID-19 patient information, self-assessment, and registration system website with a score of 2.85 is at a higher level among the health websites, and essential news and knowledge of corona virus website with the score of 1.1 is in poor quality.

Conclusion: The difference between this study and other studies is in examining the quality of corona virus news. Other studies have examined the quality of health websites. These findings form the basis of recommendations for building a comprehensive, consistent, reliable, up-to-date, high-quality website that can meet people's needs.


Mila Malekolkalami and Maryam Moghadami

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