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Diversity Poster and Presentation: Blending Diversity, Scholarship and Evidence Based Practice into Scholarly Work for Nurse Practitioner Students

Nurse practitioner faculty often struggle to create innovative ways to integrate core curriculum concepts into the clinical didactic courses. Cultural diversity, Evidenced Based Practice (EBP) and scholarship are critical components of the academic curriculum for Nurse Practitioner (NP) students who are nearing graduation. Evaluating student comprehension and utilization of these concepts can be challenging and time consuming. The Diversity Poster and Presentation Activity (DPPA) is intended to synthesize knowledge gained throughout the NP curriculum, illustrate clinical experiences and disseminate that knowledge to peers, faculty, and the professional community. The DPPA interlaces the student clinical experience with relevant curriculum based core concepts that culminates in a presentation that aims to enhance knowledge of peers and community healthcare providers in one assignment. Creating an innovative learning activity is especially beneficial when it can combine multiple concepts while creating a product that can also disseminate the knowledge. These skills, content knowledge, and scholarship project will benefit the student professionally and clinically and enhance future employment opportunities. The ability to intertwine core advanced practice nursing concepts into clinical content is challenging, but can be incredibly rewarding for educators, students and the community as evident by the success of the DPAA.


Randee Masciola

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