Anxiety and Emotions of COVID-19: The Emotional Underpinnings of Dealing with the Corona Virus Disease

By incorporating emotionality, this paper proposes to enrich cognitive information processing among the general public in times of crisis as evident in COVID-19. Two distinct emotional responses namely fear and anxiety with sufficient enthusiasm profoundly influences our behaviour and responses towards the disease. Fear because the threat of the coronavirus disease is real, and anxiety because of the novelty that stimulates our utmost attention toward COVID-19. The anxiety powerfully influences preferences and stimulates our involvement in the COVID-19 health and wellness campaign. The discussion enhances a phenomenological theoretical perspective concerning cognitive and emotional processes as mutually engaged and in turn supportive as countries and the public adopt various intervention measures aimed at curbing the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. The discussions demonstrate the cognitive information process and fathoms out how people can appropriately practice emotions as tools towards dealing with the fear and anxiety of COVID-19.


Geoffrey Wango1*, Prof. Gidraph Wairire2 and Charles Kimamo3

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