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Nutritional status and diet of preoperative and seven days postoperative patients with colorectal cancer at National Cancer Hospital, 2018-2019

A cross-sectional study was conducted with the participation of 100 patients engaging colorectal cancer at National Cancer Hospital in two consecutive years 2018-2019 in an attempt to assess the nutritional status of preoperative and postoperative colorectal cancer patients and their dietary intake during the period of seven days after the operation. The results showed that, prior to the surgery, the percentages of hospitalized patients who were inclined to contract malnutrition were 55% and 36% based on SGA tool and Albumin index, respectively. The proportions of patients suffering weigh loss within six months and one month were 80% and 79% accordingly, in which 11% patients shed more than 10% body weight. Additionally, the research also demonstrated those seven days after operation: The proportion of malnutrition patients moderately climbed by 8%, meanwhile a modest decrease of 3% was seen in the overweight rate among those patients. Besides, 92% patients experienced weight loss with the estimated average of 1.86 ±1.09kg. In the postoperative period, meticulously, the patients were given parenteral nutrition for the duration of 6.3 days on average. The time to embark on oral nutrition was 3.3±2.4 days. The ratio of patients satisfying the suggested energy volume was disappointedly low. The majority of diets provided for surgical patients were deficient in terms of mineral and vitamins.


Hoang Viet Bach1, Nguyen Thi Thao2, Nguyen Thi Hong Tien1, Dang Thi Hang1, Duong Thi Yen1, Dang Duc Diu1 and Le Thi Huong1

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