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Domestic violence advisory system

This paper explores the underlying issue in our society that is never given the full attention it so requires; Domestic violence, and a possible solution that is going to help those who find themselves in this horrible situation. Kenya reflects the worldwide statistics in that women are the overwhelming majority of these victims. In some extreme cases, men also fall victim to domestic violence and children end up being caught in the middle. One in a hundred people tend to be either in these situations themselves or know someone who has been in one. However, speaking about it or acting on it is often looked down upon and not encouraged in our society. Why? “Because it’s a shame! It’s a shame to talk about things that you are going through in your own house. Who airs their dirty laundry to the public? That is unheard of. Deal with your problems and as a woman, you should do as your husband says or you will have to face the consequences”. These are some of the reasons why victims of domestic violence prefer not to speak up. Fear of being stigmatized or viewed as a shame to the society hinders them from experiencing the love, support and freedom they deserve. Therefore we found ways in which using an online platform where the users will seek help. They will have confidentiality, all while sharing their problems. They will be guided on how to take measures and if possible, leave the abusive relationship or partnership or marriage. They will also be able to attend trainings such as counselling and other activities to help them go back to their right state of mind because often, they are broken and they need someone to confide in. After conducting a survey using a questionnaire, the results obtained gave us exactly what we need regarding providing help to domestic violence victims. Some of the challenges encountered by the victims are such as the existing systems generalizing the users, not being cost efficient, lack of one-on-one conversations, lack of anonymity and use of technical terms that are not understandable to the users. Domestic violence is an issue that has been swept under the rag for a very long time. The victims are often blamed for what happens to them. Therefore, not many of them prefer to speak up and confide in anyone because of the fear of being shamed. In some societies, domestic violence victims are considered a disgrace to the society. On the bright side, now they have an online platform where they can expressions themselves freely free of humiliation and embarrassment.


Kassim Sharifa Omar

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